Change in Direction


First I must apologize for the long delay in posts. While there’s not a million people who actually enjoy reading my blog, I realize there are a handful of faithful followers who mean a lot to me. Thanks for taking the time to follow my fitness accomplishments and life journeys.


This has been a very special year for me. While I haven’t raced much this year, I have certainly been through some exciting changes in my personal life. Most importantly being my marriage in June to the most beautiful and perfect woman for me. My best friend and partner for life. I feel extremely thankful for the events which lead to us finding each other, especially when I consider her journey from Vietnam as a young girl, to the Houston area for a career, to being a part of the cycling club which brought us together on a weekend bike ride.

My career for the past 13 years has been working as a commercial diver, mostly on yachts in our area. I’ve owned and operated the business and enjoyed doing it. After some conversations with Kristine, I was considering where I might like to be in the future. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I would really like to move in the direction of civil service as a police officer. I was a volunteer fire fighter when I was younger and really enjoyed the opportunity to help others and the community. I feel that I have unfinished business there, so becoming a police officer feels like the right direction.

You may ask, why!? Well, I suppose the only way to answer that question is that it just ‘feels’ right. You either want it or you don’t. However, there’s a long ways for me to go before I can start applying for the job. Even though it feels right, wanting to be a police officer and actually being good at it or really liking the work are totally different things. The first step on this change in direction is with school. I don’t have any college degrees, so I am enrolled in college next semester. I plan to work toward an associates degree in Psychology with some additional hours in law enforcement. Also on the to-do list will be ride alongs with local police departments. This should give me a more realistic idea of what it’s like to be a police officer. We all know they do a hard job, but actually seeing it first hand will be an important step along the way. Finally, I will need to complete the police academy, which on its own requires about 6 months to finish. This will be the final process to ensure that I’m ready for the job and that I really want it.

I’m really excited to pursue this new career and all of the challenges along the way. Police work will bring unique challenges everyday, some good and some not so good, but at the end of the day I believe it will be more rewarding than anything else I could ever do. With all of the negative feelings toward our hard working police officers these days, however small it may be, I hope that I can give back to the community in a positive way.

While I would love to race next year, realistically it’s not practical for me to do so. I certainly don’t make it out to as many bike rides as I’d like to either, but I will not give up on cycling! I’m starting to run more to prepare for the police academy, however I’m always excited to get on the bike. I’m confident once things settle down that I will have some desire to do more racing. Right now I have to get focused on returning to school after 16 years! So much to do, and so much to remember. Very exciting times indeed!

3 thoughts on “Change in Direction

  1. Best of luck with all your journeys Blake! I look forward to reading more of your adventures, on and off the road. Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

    1. Thanks Alain! Hope you have been well. Your riding looks to be going really good. You look like a pro now in those pics! 🙂

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

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