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My name is Blake and I am an avid fan of cycling, both for competition and general health—psychological well-being included. Cycling really can be a huge emotional boost. In fact, exercise has been proven to reduce stress and improve memory. What does that mean? Ride on my friend, right on!

One of my favorite things is to explore the open road on a bicycle. Perhaps it is best described as a feeling of freedom, the type of freedom that takes me back to childhood when I would ride my bike for hours—just me and the road. Discovering picturesque roads and quaint new places on two wheels is delightful and simply refreshing; it is almost a meditative experience.

Outside of cycling I have been a successful entrepreneur since 2001. I married my sole mate in the summer of 2014, and after much reflection, I have decided to pursue a college degree in psychology with plans to work in law enforcement.

The things I enjoy the most are reading anything to do with science fiction, history, or politics. I also enjoy traveling, computers and gaming, and of course writing. This blog is used primarily to share my experiences with cycling—from general riding to racing—as well as life news, my academic work, and general musings.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find something useful here and perhaps interesting. Below are some notable results from my amateur competitive cycling events.

Notable Results:

2nd – 2014 Dallas Racing Spring Omnium (Cat 4)
3rd – 2013 Pace Bend Road Race (Cat 5)
4th – 2013 Dallas Racing Spring Criterium (Cat 5)
5th – 2014 Dallas Racing Spring Omnium (Cat 4/5)
6th – 2013 Dallas Racing Spring Criterium (Cat 4/5)
8th – 2013 Tour of New Braunfels Road Race (Cat 5)
11th – 2014 Medical Colleagues of Texas Road Race (Cat 4/5)
15th – 2013 Medical Colleagues of Texas Road Race (Cat 4)

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I found myself in a similar situation. Wanted to get fit and totally got hooked on cycling : ) I recently started running to get through the winter, but I think it’s killing my knees. I’m gonna try bike racing next season. I just watched your crit video during a training session on the rollers : )
    All the best in 2013!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment! Glad to see someone else discovering how addictive cycling can be. I wish you the best this year with your training and racing! Let me know how it goes. I’m planning several races this year myself now that I’m on a team, so feel free to comment on any of my posts with your own personal progress. I always enjoy reading other peoples stories. Take care!

  3. Same here, just finished Philadelphia marathon! Cycling is very addictive. I first was reluctant to wear spandex and pay 75 bucks for lobster claw gloves, but now I totally fit the bill. Haha, Its so much nicer having the right tools. Just bought a baclava. Wsup now!
    I still have a hard time getting out for as long as I like with my large family, but I’m not racing either. Though I would like to enter some cycling race I am not really sure were to start. I’ll figure it all out. You do train harder when you have a goal in mind. For now Im enjoying just getting out for a 50 mile ride here and there and staying super fit. Its nice reading about people doing the same stuff. Nice photographing too.

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