Polluted Reality: An Artist’s Appeal to Preserve Mother Nature

A conflict that impacts all of us has been shaped by the natural and industrial revolutions. On the one hand, industrial production has revolutionized the advancement of humans and has provided us with life-changing technologies. However, pollution and destruction of our natural environment are serious consequences we face. Yin and yang perhaps best illustrates the need for a balance between industries and the delicate ecosystems on earth. In his image titled Preservation, the adroit artist Paul Geurts argues against industries and their impact on our natural environment through the effective use of powerful emotional appeal, vividly creative graphics, and decisively simple text.


Fig.1. This digital painting by Paul Geurts appeals to the arguments against the pervasive industrial footprint and its impact on our natural environment (Geurts).

For many people, the notion of destroying our environment is one that deeply impacts our emotions, which is precisely what the artist Paul Geurts aims to achieve with his painting, Preservation. The fear of causing harm to our beautiful landscape or to the abundance of diverse species within a vast web of interdependent ecosystems appeals to the morality of humans—a powerful emotion that Mr. Geurts awakens by expressing the urgent need for preservation of our environment. Observing his painting does indeed spark a consequential fear of extensive industrial pollution.

In order to exploit its emotional appeal, Paul Geurts also utilizes remarkable graphics portraying the infringement of industries on the serenity of Mother Nature. A lush green landscape adorns the top of Mother Nature’s arm with a pristine blue sky and white puffy clouds embellishing the background. Close examination reveals a flock of birds departing the safety of trees as they fly away from the ever impinging industries that are now scorching the fingers of Mother Nature’s hand. In bleak contrast to the beauty of nature, industries entire arm is a charred molten ruin. Its hand cradles a factory that spews black smoke producing a dark cloud over the industrial side of the painting. Mr. Geurts further dramatically emphasizes industries impact as it appears to be seducing the hand of nature with a gesturing finger that is saturated with hot dripping oil.

While the graphic quality of the painting substantiates his purpose, Paul Geurts employs a third subtle technique to strengthen his argument. By using decisively simple charcoal colored text for the title of the painting, Mr. Geurts sustains the theme of industries dark and smoke-filled environment pervading Mother Nature. Although his painting makes a strong argument without the need for text, the title depicted makes his stance abundantly clear, yet the text does not subdue the impact of his artwork.

The stunningly simple, yet complex painting by Paul Geurts makes a compelling argument against industries polluted footprint that has tarnished the planet. His goal is to emphasize the importance of preserving the beauty and life found on our home—the only one we have drifting through a vast cosmic ocean. Through the use of emotional appeal, stunning graphics, and decisive text, Paul Geurts was able to present an incisively flawless argument.


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