My thoughts about the MS150


Next weekend, up to 13,000 cyclists will take to the road from Houston to Austin over two days. This popular ride known as the MS150 is a fundraising effort supporting research for a cure of multiple sclerosis and for those who suffer from this terrible disease. Riders will travel 180 miles and encounter numerous challenging hills along the way. Depending on the weather patterns, they might have a tailwind blowing them there or a really strong headwind the entire way! Some will be prepared for the challenge, while others will suffer, but for a good cause.

For many people, this is the biggest cycling event of the year. I think it’s a really great cause and is something I’m glad to see is so popular, both for the support raised for MS and for the increased popularity of cycling.

Several times I’ve been asked by friends who don’t cycle if I have done the MS150 “race”. Obviously it’s gotten so popular now that everyone has heard of it, but I just have to politely correct them and mention that it’s not a race. While some riders undoubtedly take pride in finishing ahead of as many people as possible—realizing it is not a race, nor the purpose of the ride—I don’t see any harm in a little competitive fun to push each other to be stronger riders, as long as it’s done safely.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to participate in this ride yet, it is definitely one I would like to do. My plans might be more ambitious than most people however. I would like to complete the entire ride in one day. A huge effort no doubt, but every year there’s a handful of cyclists who accomplish this feat.

Until then, I would just like to wish all of my friends and every other cyclist riding next weekend the best of luck and thank them for supporting a great cause! Let’s hope the weather is nice for you guys making it a great weekend on two wheels. Stay safe and keep the rubber side down!