Elitist Attitudes in Cycling

I should absolutely start off by saying this post does NOT apply to everyone. These are simply my thoughts about behavior I’ve observed since racing bikes and riding with those who also race.


It seems to me there are some in this sport who have an elitist and generally negative attitude. It’s especially poor when this attitude is expressed toward new riders in the sport, be it new racers or recreational riders. I don’t understand why some people choose to act this way. Is it because they have so much experience they feel entitled over those new to the sport? Or perhaps they fear new riders because they’re unsure of their abilities and level of safety?

Whatever the reasons, I feel such an attitude does harm to this great sport. Again, not everyone has this attitude. I know plenty of genuinely good people who are also some of the best cyclists and racers. These people represent great ambassadors to the sport.

So what causes this elitist, one might even say douchebaggery attitude?