Condition Update

As you know my achillies tendon and IT band have both been giving me problems when I run. The good news is that my achillies is getting much better! I ordered a pair of  compression socks made by CEP which have really helped. Wearing them to help recovery and wearing them when I run is the key. I’ve started some new routines to strengthen my calf muscles and improve flexibility in order to prevent a relapse. My IT band is being persistent, but is still very manageable. I’m planning to see a sports massage specialist to see if we can’t work it out completely.

Yesterday I swam for the first time in years! Of course I’m always in the water with my job, but I don’t swim laps. I went for an open water swim in Clear Lake, swimming just over a quarter of a mile from shore to a green marker, then back to shore. Completed in 27m:56s, so at that pace I would at least make the cut off time for a half Ironman! Plenty of time to improve though, I’m not planning anything like that until next year.

I was feeling so good yesterday that I decided to bike and run as well! I’ve always felt on those days you’re feeling really good is when you should go the extra distance in your workout, really push! That I did, averaging 20.3 mph on the bike and running a 5K in 29m:32s after all of that!